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The Moldovan authorities are waiting for challenges on the left bank of the Nistru River

The Moldovan authorities are waiting for challenges on the left bank of the Nistru River in connection with the tense situation in Ukraine, but say they are ready to cope with them. Relevant discussions were held in the meeting of the Parliament’s commission on national security, protection and public order, where there were questioned representatives of the Ministry of the Interior and of the Security and Information Service
The commission’s head Alexandru Stoianoglo told the journalists after the meeting that the army is prepared to deal with provocations, but they hope that a military intervention will not be necessary. Challenges in the Transnistrian region existed and will exist and there is now the risk that the local administration will take decisions under the influence of the situation in the region.
MP Mihai Godea said it is the authorities’ duty to ensure the peace and security in the country. “There is no state of alert in Transnistria. But the state institutions should not stay calm,” he stated.
Head of the Security and Information Service Mihai Balan said that according to his information, it was a period when the Transnistrian army was on alert, but now the soldiers are at their bases.
Communist MP Artur Reshetnikov said he considers that the authorities do not know the real situation. “They don’t know how to manage the situation in the own country, but provide advice to others,” he stated, referring to the statement on the situation in Ukraine adopted by Parliament.
The situation in the neighboring state remains tense. The regional legislature of the autonomous republic Crimea adopted a decision on joining the Russian Federation. Moscow dispatched troops there, which took a part of the Crimean Peninsula under control.